Business lunch menu 78.-

Served for lunch only

Sunday lunch menu 98.-


Wild duck roulade with fruits, reduction of Porto and pistachio oil 32.-
Spring Salad of quail with balsamic vinegar Solognote style 42.-
Terrine of half cooked goose liver served with jelly and brioches 48.-
Shrimp Cocktail with candied tomatoes and avocados 34.-
Smoked Salmon from Scotland marinated with fennel and muslin of horseradish 45.-
King Size Prawn with warm vinegar sauce and season salad 45.-
Lobster salad from Brittany with black truffle oil 54.-


Tomato Cream with basil 18.–
Tomato Cream with basil 24.–
Soup with vegetables from the garden 16.–
Clear Soup with and Marrow 18.–

Hot Starters

Gnocchi Piémont style with gorgonzola cheese or tomatoes, olives and basil 24.–
Puff pastry with wild mushrooms 32.–


Fresh grilled Salmon Steak with Hollandaise sauce and mixed vegetables 44.-
Atlantic Sole meuniere or grilled 56.–
Poached filet of Char Chevalier from the lake served with white butter sauce and vegetables julienne 46.–
Boiled trout from fish-pond, melted butter and steamed potatoes 46.–

Main dishes of the day from the trolley

Main dishes of the day from the trolley 48.-
Roasted veal kidneys served with chives, shallot and Pilaf rice 48.–
Minced veal served with seasonal fresh mushrooms and Rösti Bern style 48.–
Filet of guinea fowl roasted in stewpot and served with wild mushrooms and risotto Milanese style 50.–
Rack of lamb from Sisteron served with herbs, potato pancakes and ratatouille Nice style            (2 pers.) 120.-
Roasted cockerel from the farm served with juice 48.-
Veal Rib Florist style served with potatoes 54.-

Grilles Dishes

Our Beef Specialties

Tenderloin steak with béarnaise sauce 58.-
Chateaubriand with béarnaise sauce 120.-
Heart of the filet with Truffle sauce 128.-
Top Rib fried in Pinot Noir with shallot 52.-
Fore Rib with Choron sauce 124.-

Our specialties are accompanied with Darphin potatoes or nut potatoes and peewee of vegetables


Symphony of homemade sherbets and fresh fruits 18.-
Mocca parfait with a marquise chocolate taste 20.-
Fig peewee with orange zest and vanilla ice-cream 22.-
Chocolate mousse with Gruyere Cream 22.-
As well as a large choice of homemade sweets from our dessert trolley 29.-